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Case Study: Buyer Journey Design for Coaching Firm

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Leadership Coaching & Consulting Firm


Executive Coaching


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Channel + Message + Content marketing framework
  • Lead funnel definitions
  • Lead nurture program design


A leading coaching and consulting firm was fortunate to have many keynote speaking opportunities, but was struggling to convert keynote attendees into coaching engagements. The one-and-done business model was leading to high customer acquisition costs and prolonged sales cycles.


The 360° marketing assessment revealed that existing marketing campaigns were not aligned to the buyer decision-making process and that there were no lead nurture efforts in place. The approach was to define the customer journey for ideal buyer groups, then to design a demand generation program that leveraged aligned channels, messaging, and content to appeal to targeted audiences. Finally, with the foundational work in place, we designed and executed multiple lead nurture programs to inform, persuade, and convert prospects into paying clients. 


  • 22% increased conversion of keynote attendees into coaching clients
  • 36% reduction in client acquisition costs

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