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Case Study: Market Analysis for Saas Startup

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Employee Time Tracking Software Startup



Human Resources Technology



  • Product & company analysis
  • Local & global market trends
  • Buyer analysis & niche targeting assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Channel partnership opportunity analysis



A SaaS startup was in the final stages of development and wanted to begin developing its go-to-market strategy. Having some initial ideas about positioning but little research to support it, we conducted a holistic market assessment of local and global markets, high-potential niches, competitors, and channel partnership opportunities.



The approach for the market research was to develop a holistic understanding of the market(s) that the client operated within, including buyers, competitors, channel partners, and the overall market as a whole. We also sought to identify critical leverage points that established competitive advantages around which to build a market penetration strategy while assessing high-potential markets for global expansion.



  • Identified four high-potential, niche markets that were best fit for a phase one launch
  • Determined two new critical leverage points based on competitor research and buyer perceptions
  • Identified two channel partner opportunities that would accelerate the launch
  • Discovered a competitor was newly acquired by a well-funded parent company and was able to develop a competitive positioning strategy prior to launch

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