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Case Study: Marketing Audit & Action Plan for Coaching Platform

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One of the world’s largest executive coaching organizations sought to create a member directory and wanted a complete audit of its current marketing as well as the existing launch plan.


Global coaching association & platform



Executive Coaching



  • 360º Marketing Audit
  • Action Plan
  • Consulting



One of the world’s largest executive coaching organizations sought to create a directory showcasing its members for potential clients. This was a vastly different offering than the association had ever offered and leaders weren’t sure how its targeting, messaging, content, etc. would need to change to accommodate the new product. After initiating the project with a third-party agency, I was approached to assess the launch plan, marketing strategy, and existing marketing activities and to provide a roadmap for launching and sustaining the new offering.



The agreed upon approach was to conduct a comprehensive audit of the organization’s current marketing efforts as well as the offering launch plan. The audit revealed several previously unknown challenges that would hinder a successful launch and require additional time and resources that wasn’t budgeted for. Based on these findings, the action plan outlined a number of idle opportunities and critical leverage points that could mitigate the challenges to reduce overall costs and enhance launch impact by tapping into existing resources. Post-delivery consulting was added for ongoing guidance and support.



  • Reduced launch costs in the forms of advertising and labor
  • Accelerated launch timeline
  • Identified critical leverage points that helped to achieve other organizational opportunities

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