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360º Marketing Audit & Action Plan

Tap into the insights you need to make informed decisions and capitalize on high-potential opportunities.

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Know where you stand.

A lot of times, it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. In marketing, we become so entangled with the day-to-day minutia that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. It’s times like these that an objective, third-party perspective can breathe new life into your marketing initiatives. If your marketing isn’t producing results but you don’t know why, an audit and action plan is what you need.

Data Driven,
Results Focused

A BlackBox 360º Marketing Audit & Action Plan will provide you with the situational awareness to make data-driven, results-focused decisions.

The audit will analyze the core areas of your business, sales, and marketing functions to assess efficacy, redundancies, misalignment, looming opportunities and challenges, as well as alignment to your organizational goals. We’ll make these insights actionable with a recommended game plan based on your unique circumstances, helping you to attract, engage, and win your ideal clients.

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What's included
Your In-Depth Marketing Audit & Action Plan

BlackBox audits analyze your firm’s performance in the eight pillars of B2B marketing. Based on these results, you’ll receive an action plan outlining recommended next steps for improving performance.

The marketing audit will provide a brief synopsis of the current Executive Coaching industry as well as the overall professional development market, analyzing dynamics and trends such as market sizing, competitiveness, and consumer sentiment.

Using historical sales data, marketing reports, and other data sources, the marketing audit will assess whether your current targeting strategy is the right fit for your firm.

Based on this assessment, the action plan will recommend further improvements or modifications to the targeting strategy and/or outline high-potential audiences to include.

Is your messaging in alignment with your sales and marketing goals? I’ll examine your client-facing communications – from email, social, and ads to blog content and thought leadership – to assess whether your messaging strategy speaks to your desired audiences and presents your brand as the go-to solution for their challenges. 

Based on the messaging audit, the action plan will outline recommendations for messaging frameworks, positioning, value propositions, and more.

When content is prioritized and executed properly, it can act as a campaign performance accelerant. The marketing audit will examine your core content marketing program, including strategy, standards and processes, promotion tactics, and sales enablement to assess efficacy of your content marketing. 

Based on these results, the action plan will outline recommendations for accelerating content production, scaling operations, and improving promotion tactics.

If you aren’t reaching your target audiences, they’ll never know you exist. The channel marketing audit will examine the current channels your firm uses (email marketing, social media, advertising, events, etc.) to determine if these are the right fit for your audiences, internal resources, and goals.

After analyzing your channels, the action plan will outline recommendations for channel changes, which may include prioritization and optimization tactics, adding newly identified high-potential channels, seeking out channel partnerships, and more.

Demand generation is where everything comes together – it’s the culmination of all of your marketing efforts. The marketing audit will evaluate the health of your demand generation program, including lead funnel, customer journey maps, sales and marketing alignment, lead nurture campaigns, and more. 

Based on this evaluation, the action plan will deliver recommendations for structuring, supplementing, and optimizing your demand generation efforts for optimal client conversion.

Marketing operations are the engine that all marketing efforts are driven by. The marketing audit will assess your existing marketing processes, tools, cadence, reporting standards, and strategic alignment for efficiency, productivity, and overall optimized performance.

Based on the operations audit, the action plan will outline recommendations for support needs, marketing technology, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Project scope

Let's Get Detailed


10-15 business days 


  • Client intake questionnaire & kick-off call (30 minutes)
  • Analysis of provisioned data (marketing reports, sales records, etc.)
  • Deep-dive call (90 minutes)
  • In-depth marketing audit and action plan with recommended next steps
  • 1 hour of post-project consulting via email
  • Recordings of all calls for future reference

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Why BlackBox?

Industry Expertise

Gain access to more than 10 years of strategic and tactical marketing experience in Executive Coaching, Consulting, and other B2B professional services industries.

Relevant Insights

Make key business and marketing decisions based on relevant, data-backed information and experience-driven recommendations.

Creative Solutions

Create a fresh approach to Executive Coach marketing with innovative concepts used in other high-performing B2B industries like SaaS/Tech and CyberSecurity.

Clear, Decisive Action

Gain clarity and confidence in your firm's marketing activities with a detailed roadmap for accelerating performance – and results.

Case Studies

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Finding unique marketing opportunities for new service offering launch.

Mapping trends and identifying critical leverage points for SaaS startup launch.